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Lewis's Dream

As can be seen from the growing list of Wishes that The Dream Factory has already made come true we are only limited by the imagination of the Wisher and perhaps, some medical constraints.

We aim to do everything possible to grant a Wish. No Wish is too small and once we have said "Yes" then anything is possible. If you know a suitable child or young person who has a Wish which you would like The Dream Factory to make come true then please get in touch with us and make an initial application*.

Meet Seema - One of our Dreams Coordinator Meet Seema – Our new Dreams Coordinator

You can phone us (020 8501 1234) or you can download the Dream Request Form and post it back to us. We will get in touch with you as soon as possible if we think we can help. We will then arrange to meet you, the young person and their parent or guardian to carry out a confidential assessment.

This will mean getting some detailed information about the Wisher, their medical condition and anything else that may help us decide if and how we can make the Wish come true. If necessary, and with the permission of the parents or guardian, we will ask our Medical Advisor, Dr Rory McCrea, to contact the health professionals who are familiar with the young person's condition. Hopefully everything will meet our criteria and The Dream Factory will start work on making your Dream come true.

The parents or guardian will be consulted at all stages while we plan the Wish.

*The Dream Factory grants dreams within 50 miles (approx) of the Chigwell & Hainault area

The Dream Factory can only grant a dream to a child or young adult that hasn't already had a dream.